Most web marketing professionals know that just like Elvis Presley, Richard Petty and LeBron James, Content is King. Content marketing has quickly become the "linchpin" of any complete digital media marketing program.

To have an effective SEO strategy, websites should be well managed and maintained with fresh, periodic content that signals something pertinent to potential site visitors. Problem is it takes valuable time, resources and effort to manage content "inbound marketing" campaigns.

"While most small business owners do a great job setting up social media business pages and syndicating content from their websites, eventually it can become too much to maintain an editorial calendar and make blog posts on a consistent basis".

We find businesses who frequently manage relevant and proximate blog posts in connection with social media updates, on-page/off page SEO and other digital content marketing tactics, (including research reports, how to guides and white papers), are much more visible on the Internet. Essentially, companies are able to publish information about their brands to reach a broad audience, while others generate more leads by casting a wider net to potential customers who are fishing for information about local merchants and service providers on the Internet.



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