Hello Yellow Pages friends, publishers and colleagues,

There is a lot of chatter these days that online Yellow Pages directories aren't what they used to be and there is some truth to that. Certainly, Internet directory platform providers must keep up with the emerging trends by investing in the latest web technologies, following webmaster guidelines for SEO and industry best practices for site speed, mobility and security.

Several of the Yellow Pages publishers, who I have consulted with lately, tell me they are are adopting a "digital agency" model to grow their business. I think that's great, but the good news is that Internet directories remain a viable product offering to complement the printed Yellow Pages.

Why? Because IYP's benefit consumers, local businesses and media sales organizations.

How? Because they are easy to use while on the go, provide added exposure and leads through cost effective advertising which can generate new incremental sources of income for directory publishers.


In fact, directory citations, (business listings and enhanced company profiles on well established domains), are widely regarded as one of the top page ranking factors for local search engine optimization. Local media companies who publish newspapers, magazines or Yellow Pages are in an excellent position to capitalize on this opportunity. I am sharing this YouTube video entitled, "Online Business Directory Platform Branded for Local Media Publishers" to demonstrate how we are working with Yellow Pages publishers to "white label" or "brand" the MakeItLocal.com national Internet directory and digital media suite as an on-line Yellow Pages solution for local media companies throughout the U.S.

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