Shrewd Marketing LLC recognized as a leading SEO, public relations, and advertising agency in New York by Clutch

April 9, 2019

Shrewd Marketing LLC is recognized as a leading SEO, public relations, and advertising agency in New York by Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform for service providers in the B2B space. There are thousands of companies involved in Clutch’s platform, all vying for the top spot of their ranking of leading digital marketing agencies across the globe.

"With our strong focus and expertise in all things digital, Shrewd Marketing is excited to be identified by Clutch amongst the top PR firms in New York in their 2019 research." - Scott Feder, President @Shrewd

To stand out amongst the other firms in their listing, Shrewd Marketing LLC was subjected to a variety of tests to confirm our strength in delivering quality and outstanding work for our clients. The first test was an overall evaluation of our expertise in digital marketing as evidenced by the contents of our website. For example, Clutch analysts looked at our established client base, the services we offer, and case studies of projects we’ve completed.

The next test came in the form of our client reviews, all of which can be found on our Clutch profile. The most unique part of being a part of Clutch’s research is the opportunity to receive direct and in-depth feedback from our clients via the firsthand interviews they conduct with Clutch analysts. The interviews, conducted over the phone to ensure a level of authenticity and thoroughness not provided by other reviews platforms, are then converted to written reviews that are displayed on our Clutch profile.

Shrewd Marketing LLC - NY, Washington, Virginia






We have earned a 4 star review on our profile, and the feedback is already more than we expected. With the combination of our marketing expertise and our positive client reviews, Shrewd Marketing has swiftly risen to the top of the listings on Clutch and is featured on their sister website, The Manifest, as one of the top ad agencies in Washington DC.


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