Shrewd Marketing Wins Web Development Award

July 17, 2018

Shrewd:  astute, intelligent, perceptive. The digital marketing and web development industries, we all know, are flooded with companies supposedly offering effective strategies or flashy websites. But while these companies can spam the Internet and piece together semi-cogent web pages, they are always missing something. At Shrewd Marketing, we out-research, out-learn and out-perform our competitors. We were fortunate to be recently recognized by Clutch as a top web developer based in Rochester, NY with offices in Loudoun County, Virginia--known as Data Center Alley in the Washington, DC metro area. 

We thank our clients who are instrumental to our success. Clutch, the B2B ratings and reviews firm, compiles client testimony, representative case studies, and objective quantitative data to establish a reliable baseline with which to assess thousands of businesses across the globe. David Little SVP of Enterprise Sales, Comporium explained that Shrewd Marketing's immense experience is foundation to having joint success.

"They bring a large wealth of knowledge on web marketing and online directories because they have been involved in those arenas for so long. Additionally, their flexibility to tailor their platform to meet our business needs was impressive." 

Founded in 2015, Shrewd Marketing brings new energy and ideas to web development and digital marketing. We deliver results by effectively managing the web presence of our clients, delivering business leads through local search applications and building Internet directories for sales channel partners.