Let Shrewd Marketing review your web presence and recommend an SEO Plan that fits your needs and meets your budget. We deliver comprehensive, "white glove" service to elevate the visibility of your business on the web. SEO Service Plans follow webmaster guidelines and industry best practices.  


                             SEO SERVICE PLAN FEATURES


  • The number of keywords managed to optimize your website to improve site traffic.

 Keyword Finder

  • Our keyword discovery tools find the most relevant keywords to reach customers.
  • We will build and manage bundles of keywords on a scale that fits your budget.

 Keyword Mapper

  • Our keyword mapping tool enables us to specify the target page for each keyword

 Topic Keywords

  • Improving site traffic from target keywords is the primary goal of the SEO campaign. Our software helps us find and manage topic and related search keywords. We identify long-tail keyword search patterns and identify tactics for on-site blogging and content marketing.

 Onsite Report

  • Our SEO Analyst team will review your website and make specific recommendations to optimize new or existing pages for the target keywords. Recommendations include URL structure, site architecture, page titles, headers, descriptions, keyword density, internal linking, rich snippet markups and schema.

 Conversion Report

  • Our SEO Analyst team will review your website and make recommendations in your onsite report. This includes page updates and ability to track conversions. Recommendations include a review of the call to action, website analytics, web to lead, phone tracking and overall website design.

 Onsite Implementation

  • Our web development team will implement, if needed, the actionable recommendations in your online report. This includes page updates and some conversion optimization recommendations.

 Back Link Anchor Text  Screen

  • Use 3rd party data to analyze the anchor text ratio of keyword rich anchor text. If ratio or keyword rich anchor text is higher than brand, determine if further analysis is needed.

  • SEO Analyst team will review website for schema markup options for location, products, review and video markup.

 Website Copy Edits

  • SEO Analysts will make edits to website copy to include targeted keywords.
  • This service is for existing website copy. New copy creation is not included.

 Web-To-Lead Setup

  • Set up a web-to-lead form that collects your important lead data and provides sales analytics.

 Phone Tracking


  • Phone Tracking Service tracks phone calls to website to help measure performance of digital marketing campaigns. All programs include a credit towards PTS.


 Onsite Blog Posts

  • Fresh content is an important part of engaging with the target audience.Our premium writing team will create compelling blog posts about the topics you select. Our team can publish the content on your behalf or let you know when it is ready to be posted.


  • Our team creates compelling content for informational articles about the topics you select. Each article is unique. All writers are graded for quality and reliability by the editors.

 Visual Asset for Onsite Blog

  • Our graphic design team creates visual assets, to complement onsite blog posts, by highlighting key facts or ideas in each blog post.

 Featured News

  • Our premium writer team works to include you in the news cycle. Our news team identifies relevant publishers and creates news stories that your research facts.


 Post Blog on Website (optional)

  • Our team will post onsite blog content to your website. Stock image included.

 Article Syndication

  • The articles the writing team creates are placed on category or news related sites. These sites will attract and audience seeking information on article topics. Search engines will discover and add this information to their index.

 Twitter Sharing

  • We share your content on Twitter and look for retweets and other sharing

 Featured News

  • Each featured news story is distributed to relevant publishing partners

 Visual Asset Placement

  •  Our team places your visual asset in the related onsite blog.



Shrewd Marketing SEO Services Schedule

 DIGITAL SEO PACKAGES New Starter Basic  Advanced   Professional  Executive SMB Enterprise
 SEO Reporting X X X X X X X X
 Keywords Management X 3 5 10 20 20 30 50
 Website Review X X X X X X X X
 Visibility Analysis X X X X X X X X
 SEO Dashboard with monthly reports+ X X X X X X X X
 Track Google Rankings/Key Metrics X X X X X X X X
 Estimate Keyword Volume X X X X X X X X
 Keyword Opportunity Analyzer X X X X X X X X
 Keyword Finder X X X X X X X X
 Keyword Mapper X X X X X X X X
 Phone Tracking X X X X X X X X

+ SEO Reporting Dashboard included with ongoing SEO or PPC campaign.

 STANDARD ONSITE SEO New Starter Basic Advanced  Professional  Executive SMB Enterprise
 Onsite Report & Implementation*   5 10 10 20 20 30 40
 Conversion Optimization Report   X X X X X X X
 Page Titles, Headings Optimization   X X X X X X X
 Meta Descriptions, Alt-Tags   X X X X X X X
 Keywords Density   X X X X X X X
 Index Check   X X X X X X X
 Google Webmaster Tools   X X X X X X X
 Google Analytics Check   X X X X X X X
 Canonicalization Check   X X X X X X X
 404 Error Check   X X X X X X X
 Robots.txt & Sitemap Review   X X X X X X X
 Setup Phone Tracking   X X X X X X X
 Portal Web to Lead Setup   X X X X X X X
 Website Page Updates   1 3 3 7 7 9 12 Check   X X X X X X X
*Onsite report and implementation require existing content on site.

 SEO CONTENT PRODUCTION New Starter Basic Advanced  Professional Executive SMB Enterprise
 Onsite Blog**   1 1 2 1 3 2 3
 Article Syndication   1 4 2 6 2 10 11
 Digital Graphics Elements         1 2 1 3
 Featured News Articles 1 1   1 1 2 1 2

**Promotion of Blog included in Content Syndication.

 SEO CONTENT SYNDICATION New Starter Basic  Advanced   Professional Executive SMB Enterprise
 Blog Posts***   1 1 2 1 3 2 3
 Article Syndication   1 4 2 6 2 10 11
 Featured News Article Placement 1 1   1 1 2 1 2
 Twitter Sharing on Category Accounts 3 6 12 9 18 12 30 33
 Digital Graphics Element Placement         1 2 1 3
***Requires blog publishing setting edit and web team publish. Site access required.



  • Creating strong SEO content is ideal for both on page and off page SEO. Strategically placing content links to external sites with strong domain authority is a proven SEO tactic for building trust among search engines, which can lead to better search engine rankings.
  • We reach out to our network to make connections via guest post offers, competitor analysis, and link interest services to find relevant, high-quality links in your company's niche.


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