E-Commerce Websites

Custom Websites with Online Shopping Cart and Integrated Credit Card Transaction Processing

  • We manage e-commerce websites for online retailers in all types of industries.
  • Easy-to-manage Online Payments - Streamlined Payment Process 

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Features E-Commerce Checkout Solutions Sales & Inventory Management SEO Content Management
Automated Emails (user & admin) Integrated Online Payment Services Process Sales Orders & Payment Keywords Analysis
Coupons Amazon Checkout Logistics Management Page Rank Metrics
Custom Shipping Modules Authorize.net Checkout Inventory Management Visibility Analysis
e-Commerce Tracking Heartland Credit Card Processing Track Orders Search Term Updates
Featured Products PayPal Checkout View Sales Website Code Updates
Related Products SSL Secure Checkout Product Pages Updates Product Optimization
Product Customization Debit Cards Checkout Pages Key Categories
Printable PDF Invoices Credit Cards Guest Checkout Meta Data
Product Ratings Chase QuickPay   Website Caching
Taxable Products eCheck   Google Analytics



Sell products online. Accept website payments via shopping card and credit card payment.

Integrate orders with inventory, tracking, product and category updates.

View Shrewd Marketing Professional Website Gallery for other options including standard sites.

More About Shrewd Marketing

Shrewd Marketing LLC is a virtual team of digital marketers, software developers and SEO specialists led by senior leadership executives with over 50 years of combined experience.

Our mission is to help your business grow by managing everything from new website design and development to content management and digital marketing. We can raise the visibility of your business online and generate sales leads with a new website in combination with SEO, SEM, social media, directory citations and content publishing.

Our team of experts has hands-on work experience and deep industry knowledge of what it takes to manage the web presence for your company, its products and services, having worked with hundreds of small business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and large enterprises since 1989.