Some load fast, most are too slow. Most people search mobile only to find a desktop website version. Signing up for a newsletter or buying something on-line? Better make sure that website is safe, trusted and that credit card transactions are secure. It's as if websites have become living, breathing things that need to be nurtured.

When taken care of and well maintained, they get the best organic growth. When raised properly, they achieve better visibility, page rank and search engine results. Shrewd Marketing website audits and SEO visibility reports indicate when critical website content and SEO building blocks are missing. You don't want to lose trust points because your content management or web hosting solution is causing performance or visibility issues.

Here are few recent examples to make our point:


If It's Broken, Let Us Fix It!

  • A high-profile, tech startup wonders why their website pages are not being crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders and bots. Well it took no time for us to determine that the website was missing a sitemap and had a duplicate content issue requiring a 301 redirect. We made these simple corrections before indexed pages jumped and website traffic increased by 30% in 2 weeks.


  • A digital marketing manager is buying pricey clicks to draw visitors to their company website. A good tactic, well maybe, but not when it is poorly executed. It turns out analytics were showing a 100% bounce rate on ad clicks to the landing page! 
  • Since practically nobody could find what they were looking for, and left the site quickly, the company had about 0% chance to convert any leads. 
  • Until we created a new PPC strategy with landing pages that were optimized for conversion, the manager was spending money frivolously. Now they are earning a much higher ROI on their digital ad spend.

  • But here is one of our favorite cases. "We don't need a phone number on our website because nobody is going to call us". Well now, that is probably true I thought laughing out loud. "If they can't find your number, they're not going to call you right?"

  • Isn't this the same logic of the Arkansas Traveler who said he does not need to fix the hole in his roof, because it's not raining? The point is that even if your target customers are not likely to call your business, but maybe e-mail or submit a contact inform instead, you still should have a phone number (and address) prominently displayed, most likely in the footer of your website.
  • Why? Because it is yet another SEO tactic that establishes trust with your location and contact information. How can you trust a company that does not list where they are located or even make their phone number available? Prospective customers have to be skeptical about who they might be doing business with and wonder how to call or speak with someone when there are questions or assistance is needed.

High Performance Websites by Shrewd Marketing


  • We engage with our clients to effectively manage and expand their web presence to generate more leads.
  • We specialize in WordPress design and hosting, WordPress website conversions and manage custom, e-commerce and professional website solutions for small business, entrepreneurs, professionals and enterprises.
  • We offer several different website design and hosting packages to meet the scope, scale and budget of any project.
  • Shrewd Marketing follows a proven methodology for delivering websites and digital marketing solutions that generate sales leads and new prospects.
  • Shrewd custom website packages include options for cloud hosted websites, location management, SEO, content creation and distribution services, links to create local search queries and organic website traffic.


  • We take care of business starting with the basics first to ensure that our client websites deliver an excellent user experience. All Shrewd websites meet or exceed industry best practices and benchmarks for speed, mobility and security. 

Shrewd Marketing ensures that a strong foundation is in place--one that is SEO friendly, expertly coded and fully optimized--to ensure that our clients' websites can be more easily found on the Internet via local search. 


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