Website Design & Development

Best Practices for Design and New Customer Conversion

The challenge for website designers and developers is to balance the needs to have a nice looking, eye-catching design with the elements and principals necessary to support goals for customer acquisition. The objective for a professional website designer is to blend and balance art with science to achieve the business objective.

Design Attributes vs. Conversion Requirements



  Visual Appeal - Ease of Use

  Layout Configuration - Navigation

  Look & Feel - Branding

  User Experience - Engagement

  Colors - Graphics - Content

  Call to Action - Calls, Form Submit

  Aesthetics - Appeal

  Mechanics - Actions

User Experience Design

User Experience means presenting something of value to website visitors and potential prospects. Designs that interact well with users, and have a clear navigation path, lead site visitors to the desired outcomes or actions. We find the most engaging websites are more likely to generate leads, referrals and to help convert more customers, capturing more traffic from search engine queries in the process.

Website Style and Layout

1.  Keep It Simple  

Less can be more. Websites serve a purpose and function to connect with customers and prospects. However, too much clutter or content can confuse site visitors and lead to a higher bounce rate. The best layouts and designs are 2engaging, encouraging and inviting.

2.  Focus on Primary Mission  

Proper site navigation guides users by informing them, makes the click path intuitive and somewhat obvious, and highlights the call to action in order to reach the desired outcome.

3.  Promote Brand Message 

Websites must support the company brand, its mission and positioning within the marketplace.  A good website design rallies around your cause and presents your value proposition in a way that builds trust and rapport.

4.  Test and Measure

Keep your website fresh and relevant. Capture key metrics and experiment to learn what works best for SEO and new customer acquisition.  Track and report everything through analytics to understand what is driving clicks, calls and website queries. Make adjustments as needed to optimize results.


A professional web page layout and responsive website design, that follows these guidelines, will provide a solid foundation for a business to expand on the Internet through digital marketing, social media and lead generation


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